The HFMA Revenue Cycle Conference is an annual event where organizations looking to sharpen their financial prowess gather to network, discuss the technologies and strategies they’ve implemented, and look for what’s next in the industry.  

The three-day event is packed with sessions that cover almost any and all topics related to the revenue cycle in healthcare. After reviewing the list, we’ve narrowed it down to 4 you can’t leave the conference without seeing. See our picks below, or access the full list here.

March 20th

Beyond the Hype: A Primer on Blockchain Applications for Health Care (Workshop), 2:00 PM, 201-202

The knowledge you gain from sitting in on sessions is great, but switching it up with something built to engage the audience provides much-needed variety. In this workshop, attendees will discover technologies pushing the boundaries of innovation and how they can be leveraged to benefit the healthcare ecosystem, specifically the claims management process.

Bob Franceschini is the speaker for this session. He serves as the VP of Enterprise Architecture at Change Healthcare. With nearly 30 years of experience designing, developing, and deploying technology solutions built to align a constantly changing landscape, he is sure to enable attendees with the tools to help their organization succeed.

March 21st

Improving Patient Access through Physician Collaboration, 9:45 AM, JW Grand 1&2

As healthcare providers strive towards the “triple aim” of lower costs, higher quality of care and improved health outcomes, better patient access has become more important. Attend this session to find out how Texas Children’s was able to improve their satisfaction scores while reducing the cost per transaction.

Carrie Rys serves as the Assistant Vice President of Ambulatory Operations at Texas Children’s and will be delivering these intriguing insights. As someone who has been with the hospital for 18 years, she has seen it all. This makes her session a must-see.

Transforming the Innovative Revenue Cycle of the Future, 11:15 AM, JW Grand 3&4

In the past few years, healthcare has been all about digital transformation. If digital transformation is on everyone’s mind, how do you make sure your organization continues to stay ahead? In this session, you’ll “follow the journey of an award-winning organization’s effort to think differently, execute differently, and perform differently through leadership and innovation.”

Margaret Schuler, the System VP of Revenue Cycle for Ohio Health in Columbus, will be the presenter for this session. As the point person responsible for collecting $3.3B annually for 10 acute hospitals in addition to 600 other providers, she knows how to keep the revenue cycle running smoothly.

Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Drive Change, 1:30 PM, JW Grand 3&4

We constantly hear about using predictive analytics to stratify the risk of populations, but we rarely talk about how predictive analytics can benefit other areas of healthcare. In this session, attendees will find out how predictive analytics can help organizations anticipate roadblocks in the revenue cycle which will allow organizations to pivot quickly and improve financial outcomes.

John Mendex is the CEO of Revenue Management at Orlando Health. He has extensive experience in the healthcare finance space — everything from charge development to charge capture and rate setting. As a seasoned executive, he’s bound to deliver novel insights.


Whether you’ve already begun planning your HFMA roadmap, or you were overwhelmed with the array of options presented to you, we hope you’ve found this list helpful.

If you’re attending the conference, be sure to stop by our table in the conference lobby. At AmplaPay, we aim to help all participants in the healthcare ecosystem achieve frictionless healthcare payments.

We would welcome the opportunity to share how our payments platform can be tailored to your organization’s unique needs — whether you’re a payer or provider. Want to find out more? Put some time on our calendar to meet at the conference.

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