The platform aims to change the way payments are made between payers and providers.

Reading, PAJanuary 18, 2019 – AmplaPay has announced the launch of its healthcare payment platform that enables near real-time payments between any party within the claims ecosystem. This HIPAA compliant cloud-based platform provides full visibility into claims data which mitigates the need for payment reconciliation.

This platform solves a longstanding problem: slow and expensive payments. The AmplaPay solution offers many features which include near real-time payments, flexible pricing schedules, UPS-like payment tracking, an intuitive user interface, HIPAA-grade security, and integrated approvals.

The platform’s main feature is that it connects each payment with full claims data. Instead of spending time matching the payment to the service, your payments arrive with all of the necessary information in the platform — this includes line items, codes, physician details, and more. The feature mitigates the need for payment reconciliation and reduces claim resubmission which makes the process more efficient.

Due to its open APIs, the process of integrating AmplaPay into existing technology is easily achieved. AmplaPay’s development team can customize the platform to fit customer specific needs. 

With AmplaPay, organizations can make and receive secure payments with the ease that the modern age demands. The platform is suitable for all healthcare stakeholders from government agencies to vendors which will reduce costs for everyone and improve the efficiency of the entire healthcare ecosystem.

AmplaPay’s vision is to create a diverse network of healthcare stakeholders which include government entities, commercial payers, healthcare providers of all sizes, and patients that are able to receive real-time, frictionless payments.

AmplaPay’s platform works for virtually all payers, providers, banks, and government organization because it is able to support the payments of government to business, patient to business, and business to business.

AmplaPay is the fast, frictionless, and reliable healthcare payment system that is so desperately needed by both healthcare payers and providers.

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