Healthcare niches such as patient-provider communication and prescription delivery have become incredibly efficient in the last couple years, yet healthcare payments between payers and providers remain trapped in an outdated system that is slow, contextless, and expensive.

So, just how complicated is the healthcare payments ecosystem? Below, you’ll find a detailed chart of how claim processing in healthcare works.



AmplaPay simplifies the process with their cloud-based solution that provides full visibility for everyone involved in the healthcare payments ecosystem. Instead of a system composed of a complex web that muddles the process, AmplaPay simplifies healthcare payments into what matters — data and dollars.



AmplaPay believes that claim processing in healthcare shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why the solution is cheaper than traditional payment methods, enables near real-time transactions, encourages transparency for all parties, and is outfitted with HIPAA compliant security. Want to find out how AmplaPay can be customized to fit your organization’s needs? Join our pilot program.


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