Revenue Cycle Management Made Simple

Revenue cycle management is complex. Let AmplaPay simplify the process with a comprehensive payment platform that combines data and dollars in a single space. Cut costs while ensuring you get paid for the services you provide in a fraction of the time.

Step One

The provider offers a direct arrangement with the employer to lower the overall cost of benefits to employees.

Step Two

The provider and employer negotiate a deal that benefits both parties. This deal includes pricing and risk sharing.

Step Three

The patient receives healthcare from the provider.

Step Four

The provider submits the claim directly to the employer or third-party administrator.

Step Five

Payments are made through AmplaPay directly from the employer to the provider with full claims data attached.

Step Six

Data integrates seamlessly into EHR, RCM, or patient accounting software.


Near Real-time

EMR Integration

Secure Data

Full Visiblity

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