A Payment Solution for Self-insured Employers

You have enough on your plate between aligning business goals with healthcare regulations and minimizing the risk of your company’s self-funded insurance model. Let AmplaPay help by simplifying provider payments with a platform built for accuracy, speed, and transparency.

Step OneĀ 

The employer establishes a direct contract with the chosen provider.

Step Two

Your employee receives service and processes their copay in the provider’s office. The provider sends the claim to the TPA or employer. The copay information automatically updates within AmplaPay.

Step Three

The employer’s contract administrator, or TPA, finalizes adjudication.

Step Four

The employer sends the payment directly to the provider along with the adjudicated claim using AmplaPay.

Step Five

The provider receives the payment and claim.


Near Real-time

EMR Integration

Secure Data

Full Visiblity

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